Main Floors

Open Floor Left

The left side of the studio is usually where we put the drums. This area has a 14-foot ceiling to create beautiful natural reverbs and reflections that can bring that big BOOM to drumkits. The room is very long and using carefully placed partitions, the room accoustics can be controlled and introduced as needed into the drum sound. It is also many times the area where many guitar players and bass players prefer to record themselve in in order to be as close to the drums as they can.
Drum Room

Open Floor Center

The center floor of the studio is the place for a more dry sound. Accoustical instruments, vocalist other tracks that need less of the room and more controlled presense can benefit from this area. There is acoustic treatment above and with carefully selected placement of accoustical partitions, the isolation of acoustic guitars, vocals, brass instruments, wood instruments, keyboards and also drums can be controlled to produce a dryer initial sound that can be easily "fitted" into the final mix .

Studio Tour