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Soundhammer Studios is owned and operated by Oz Amaro. For information on arranging a visit or future session please contact us using any of the following contact information. We will respond to your inquiry usually within the same day. Thank you.

Please Note: Soundhammer Studios is open by appointment ONLY. Absolutly no walk-in's without an appointment

Soundhammer Studios
1500 E. Lincoln Hwy Suite 4 DeKalb, IL 60115

Soundhammer Studio Policy

(1) Studio Liability/Responsibility Agreement
Upon full payment, Studio will produce the services and deliverables noted in the Services and Deliverables section of this contract. Studio shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations if such failure is due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control (power failure, equipment damage, health, flood, fire, act of god, etc.) The Studio will attempt to promptly notify the Artist as soon as such failure to provide service is realized. An attempt to secure an alternative date will be made to the Artists. Any rescheduling may or may not require a new contractual agreement to be forged between Studio and Client. Any liability of Studio shall be limited to the total of all amounts paid by Artist for Services and Deliverables under this Agreement.

(3) Artist Agreement
The Artist will assume all responsibility and liability for any copyrighted material(s) and any legalities associated with claims of infringements with Artist’s recorded material. The Artist agrees to take upon themselves any action or task required to secure copyright permissions for any copywritten material that they are performing or recording. Artist is fully responsible for their health and overall abilities at the time of the session. The Studio is not responsible for the direct quality or limitations of the performance provided by the Artist at the session. Artist understands that there will be no additional fees, services or deliverables provided that are not listed on Services or Deliverables section. Any additional services or deliverables will need further invoicing and agreement if they are provided by Studio at Artist’s request.

(4) Approval(s) Agreement
Once Artist has approved their track mixes or masters, there will be additional charge for any request for changes to the track(s), mix(s) or master(s). Receipt and acceptance of the recording media by Artist after completion of the Services shall be deemed acknowledgement between both parties that the quality of the Services is satisfactory to Artist and shall release Studio from any and all liability and claims regarding such Services now and in the future.

(5) Material Ownership
Studio retains ownership of ALL recorded works and masters and will not release it in any portion to the Artist until all amounts owing under this Agreement are paid in full.

(6) Future Business
It is at the full discretion of the Studio to decide if Studio will provide ANY continuing or future services and/or deliverables beyond that which is already stated in this contract, to the Artist.

(7). Governing Law
This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Illinois. Any legal actions, claims or demands shall be handled in a court of competent jurisdiction within DeKalb County.

(8). Notice Authorization of Electronic Monitoring
The Studio incorporates the use of electronic surveillance monitoring and recording in and outside of the facility. All Artists are hereby notified that they may appear in such recordings at any time.

(9). Hospitality Services
The Studio provides complimentary bottled water and a small selection of drinks (pops, teas) along with coffee and hot tea(s). The Studio does not provide alcoholic beverages. Artists are allowed to bring in their own beverages including alcoholic types (beer, wines, etc.), during the recording session. The facility has a single public restroom which are shared amongst all attendees during the session.

(10). Artist Personal Conduct
The Artist(s) are responsible for their own personal conduct during their session at the Studio. The Studio reserves the right to terminate a recording session without prejudice to any of the aforementioned in the event of any violent or abusive conduct directed towards the staff and/or the property of the Studio and the Building by any persons present in connection with a recording session/booking whether they be the recording artiste(s) or their associates. In any such case the Studio will hold the Client liable for all and any resulting damages.

(11). Studio Rules and Policy Agreement
This document constitutes the entire agreement between Artist and Studio, and may not be modified, changed, or terminated in any way except in writing signed by both parties. As part of this contractual agreement, the Artist also agrees to the following rules and policies of the Studio.

• Smoking is NOT ALLOWED anywhere within the building, including washrooms and stairwells. If you smoke outside the building, you must be at least 25 feet from the studio doors and windows. Please do not leave cigarette butts on the property grounds if you do smoke. Smoking is ONLY permitted in the outside parking lot.

• No Early Birds. Prior to the session start date Studio personnel are busy preparing the Studio for your session. The door will remain locked and nobody will be allowed entry until the session start or setup time noted above

• No pets, or animals allowed in the Studio or offices.

• No smoking will be allowed in the Studio. You may smoke outside the building during session breaks.

• No small children or infants will be allowed in the Studio.

• Drug use is STRICTLY PROHIBITED anywhere on the property. Any such behavior by the artist or by the artist’s crew or guests will result in immediate termination of the contract and removal of the person(s) from the facility with no refund of paid time.

• The artist is allowed to have up to___ guests (people/persons not actively involved in the recording session). Please provide the list of guest(s) prior to the recording session. The, the artist is FULLY responsible for these guests and their actions. If a guest is disruptive to a session, s/he will be asked to leave.

• If an artist brings personal equipment into the Studio, the artist is solely responsible for the working order of the equipment. The Studio reserves the right to refuse to allow the use of such equipment if the Studio believes it to be in unsafe condition.

• Please turn off all cell phones. These devices can interfere with the sensitive digital recording equipment

• The entry doors to the Studio will be locked during the actual recording sessions. Exit and entry traffic will not be permitted during the actual recording process. If you need to exit, please wait till the next break in the session.

• Artist(s) shall be responsible for payment towards any damage caused by Artist or by Artist’s personnel or guests, other than normal wear and tear, to the equipment, Studio facilities, common areas, building or grounds;

• Artist shall be responsible for any loss or damage to Studio property caused by Artist, Artist’s employees, guests, invitees or agents acting under Artist’s instruction, as a result of misuse, negligence, carelessness or willful misconduct.