Console & Listening Area

The heart of the studio is here. This is where you can listen to what has or is being tracked. It's just a few steps away from from the live room. Instant feedback and response time to change is one of the most important parts of recording. With our open room philosophy, change can be dynamic and conversations can happen without the need for additional monitoring or headphones which can sometimes block the dynamic coversations that need to happen in a studio environment.


Computer and Network

The heart of a modern recording system is the computer system and its network. Soundhammer owns a custom-built Intel 990 Extreme i7 computer system that is whisper quite and with water cooling. It supports up to 64 simultaneous inputs with enough processing power to host endless software plugins and virtual machines as needed. All power supply's host automatic voltage leveling, ground isolation and surge protection through a professional-grade electrical supply system.

DA Converters

The main system's digital conversions are performed exclusivly off the new Presonus recallable XMAX V2 class A analog mic preamps. These new XMAX 2 preamps are amazing on stand on thier own and offer a very natural sound while not adding noise. They are as good as they come.

Daw Software

Soundhammer uses Steinberg Cubase 8.2 Pro along with WaveLab 9.0 exclusively as our DAW software packages of choice. The studio has a greate on-going relationship with Steinberg and it's various studio recording products.

Soundhammer Studio owns and implements custom (per-spec), highly modified, preamps and compressor units. We strive to obtain the best sounds, colors and vibes for its clients. All of the preamps used at Soundhammer Studios have had the internal parts replaced and or modified by some of the top names in the business. These mofications bring boutique sounds and improvement of sound to it's clients. Much of our preamps and compressors host interchangable components such as tubes and input and output OpAmps. Soundhammer has a selction of prized OpAmps and tubes in its facility that it can drop in on the fly to dial up unique colors along with sought-after vintage sounds.

DI (Direct Interface) Modules

Soundhammer has some of the bes DI options ever made. We carry quality DI's by names like Radial, Demeter, Warm Audio, UA, Reddi and many more. Several of our prized preamps have DI options built right in in order to take advanate of the wonderul audio colors and clarity they offer.

Software & Plugins

Soundhammer has access to many software products. We can obtain hundreds of plugins, virtual synths, and effects from the many vendors. If you have a particular requirment, please do not hesitate to mention it alongside of your project


Soundhammer has a vast collection of modern and vintage micropohones. Our collection includes such micropones as: