Check out the various acoustic and electronic keyboards that are available for sessions at Soundhammer Studios. All equipment usage must be discussed and prearranged before the recording session. All equipment at Soundhammer Studio is available by appointment only

Baby Grand

Soundhammer studio hosts a beautiful Cristofori G53 baby grand piano in the studio's "piano nook". The piano rings out beautifully in the nook for controlled sound or to be allowed to ring out to the main floor for great natural reverbs.

Vintage Electric Keyboards

Soundhammer studio has a pristine vintage 1978 Fender Rhodes Mark I Suitcase with a fully functional original Janus speaker and amp. The speaker itself is a model FR 7710 and sounds amazing. No virtual synths need apply here, this is real deal and the real vibe.

New and Vintage Synths

Soundhammer studio has a pristine Yamaha DX7 Synthesizers with all the original Yamaha cartridges of sounds and the breath controller. The studio also has an excellent Nord 2 Synthisizer available for more popular sounds and Midi capabilities.

Controllers and Samplers

Soundhammer has a few virtual synth controllers to assist in the electronic process of creating your song and virtual synth work, if needed. Our collection fetures the M-Audio Axiom Air 49 as its main MIDI/Synth controller.

Soundhammer has one of the original Korg Electrvibe MKSII Samplers also.