Drums & Percussions

Soundhammer Studio has drums...and lots of them. We have a nice large selection of drums, kits, snares and percussions.

Studio Kit #1

This beautiful black kit belongs to the owner and operator of Soundhammer Studio, Oz Amaro. The "Black Stallions" are an original Ludwig Classic Power Tom set that was purchased in 1981 by Oz Amaro while traveling and performing with many central IL bands. The house kit can be borrowed for a session if prearranged with Oz. The kit features at least one of almost every Paiste Colorsound or Visions black cymbal that was made in the later 80's and 90's but are very hard to find now. The hardware is all Tama featuring the Powerglide pedals and hi-hats. There are SM57's on the toms and SM91 Beta's in the kicks with SM81's for the overheads, cymbals and hats. The kit has a HUGE sound, but sounds nice and thick for country rock, and jazz/fusion work also. Probably not the best choice for a more open jazz kit though.

Studio Kit #2

This is a nice 10-piece Tama Swingstar that sounds absolutly amazing for that pop sound, along with country rock, and jazz/fusion work too.
This kit is not on a rack, so it can be made into a smaller kit easily. Here it is as a full kit, and as a smaller 7-piece. We have two single pedals and also a double pedal for either setup.

Snare Choices

Soundhammer Studio has one of the greatest selection of the most sough-after, rare, and most recorded snares in history. The collection features Ludwig Black Beauty Engraved signature snares in deep and piccolo shells and the Ludwig 1969 Supraphonic which is the most recorded snare in history. We have Ludwig Steel Tattoo snares with vintage die-cast Ludwig hoops that will blow your ears out. We have hip-hop snares, wood snares, steel snares, aluminum snares, brass snares, mixed woods snares. You want em, we got em.

LP Galaxy Fiberglass Congas and Matador Timbales

Soundhammer Studio has two full sets of LP congas. Its featured set is a rare FULL set of LP Galaxies with the matching bongos. The Galaxy congas have a reputation for really bringing out the hand expressions very well. They sound amazing. The Latin percussions also include a set of premier LP Matador Timbales and various percussions to boot.

LP Aspire Wood Congas and Matador Timbales

Soundhammer Studio's second set of congas is a nice rare set of LP Aspire congas in the skull tribal graphics. The Asipir series has a warm sound that is very traditional sounding in nature. The set features a matching set of LP bongs (not pictured here).


Soundhammer Studios has many different percussions like cowbells, shakers, gobops, castanets, bongos, claves, roto-toms, casabas, Vibr-slap, and many other hand instruments and sounds. The set features